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Cluster Services

In early 2021, the cluster strategy was developed in collaboration with industry, start-ups, government and research stakeholders across Ireland. It was identified that the delivery of specific cluster services and programmes will support industry competitiveness, value creation and industry growth in the Irish bioeconomy. 

Since then, 35 industry driven collaboration projects are ongoing,  24 knowledge and internationalisation activities took place, realisation of new value bio-based value chains, 3 new trainings developed and over 20 start-ups have pitched to strategic investors. 

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Project Accelerator Programme - Rolling Basis

Enabling business growth through identification of strategic collaborative projects and partners, such as development of new bioproducts, creation of new value chains, B2B projects and operational sustainability projects.

Knowledge Transfer & Internationalisation Programme

Increase the competitiveness of firms locally and internationally though market connections, expert workshops and accessing best practice. A full of suite of knowledge transfer activities and events is available to cluster members to participate in.

Training and Improvement Programmes

Enhance talent & skills through development the delivery of education and skills activities to support industry innovation, circularity and sustainability.
Available trainings are Sustainability for SMEs, Strategic Entepreneur Programme, Circular Economy Business Model, Raising Private Investment, Open Innovation Workshops and Bioeconomy Innovation Sprint Programme.

Raising Capital

Attract either grant funding for collaborative projects or private finance for companies to scale their growth. Pitch workshops are hosted every year with Irish and European circular / climate /life science investors.

Strategic Marketing

Tell the story of companies and collaborative projects through online social media, in-person events and conferences.

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