Munster Technological University Offers New Course.

Munster Technological University offers new Course: Certificate in Circular Economy  

Tralee, County Kerry – A new part-time online course, Certificate in Circular Economy, at Munster Technological University presents an opportunity for professionals to advance their skills, knowledge and career in sustainability.  

A circular economy is a model of production and consumption, which involves sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products as long as possible, eliminating waste and reducing pollution. The circular economy challenges the fundamentals of how we manufacture, distribute, use and consume products and services. It is recognised as the most systemic shift in global industrial economics since the industrial revolution and has the attention of policymakers, CEOs, business and society across the world. 

Responding to and embracing the business models, supply chains and enabling technologies requires new knowledge, skills and networks. The Certificate in Circular Economy provides participants with state-of-the-art knowledge on the circular model versus the traditional linear economic model and demonstrates how businesses can achieve their sustainability goals. 

With collaborative input from businesses and government, the course was designed by the CircBio Research Group and the Circular Bioeconomy Cluster South-West at Munster Technological University. In Semester 1, students will undertake Circular Economy: A Framework for a Sustainable Economy and Society engaging with theory, frameworks and practices, business models, material flows, value chains and the e-business case for circular economy. This module includes the Circular Economy in practice series with case studies from experts exploring resource management, plastics and packaging, supply chains and logistics, ICT as a CE enabler, circular food systems, towns, cities, and regions. Semester 2 will focus on Innovate Circular: Strategies and Planning outlining systems innovation and circular design strategies to enable companies to transition to more circular operations and key skills on communicating the circular economy, policy and funding.  

The Certificate in Circular Economy is a Level 8, 20 credit programme supporting engagement and participation of those in the workplace. The six-month part-time, blended learning program will commence in January 2022.  

Dr. Helena McMahon, Head of Department STEM & Co-Director of the CircBio Research Group at Munster Technological University outlined “This programme was designed with engagement from businesses and government as they navigate the transition to low carbon and circular pathway and the need to bring a new skillset and fresh thinking and solutions to their organisation. Participants will benefit from the programme developing an understanding of what the Circular Economy is in practice and how this new  

economic model can enable innovation to deliver new products and services in tandem with positive social and environmental impact.  

Businesses across the region are supportive of the introduction of the Certificate in Circular Economy as a key means by which to develop capacity and access new skills to support their business navigate policy and business opportunities.  

Garrett Dillon, General Manager of Dillon Waste Recycling in Tralee, who support this Certificate programme, said “Our company has evolved into a resource management business. We focus on increasing recycling rates and our customers see the long-term value of making changes as sustainability is now a core business requirement.  We support the Certificate in Circular Economy as we believe that it can get groups of people skilled and educated on best practices worldwide to be a driving force of change in businesses, households and in the public sector of Ireland.” 

This programme is Springboard funded. Fees do not apply to applicants who meet the Springboard+ initiative funding criteria. For employed applicants the HEA will pay 90% of the programme fee, the remaining 10% – €170 will be collected before registration. 

Closing date for applications is December 3rd. Applications can be made via Springboard