ABP Food Group

One of Europe’s leading food processors, ABP Food Group provides quality beef to thousands of customers across the world.


Addible was founded in 2020 by Dr. James Comerford, Professor James Clark and Dr. Fergal Byrne from the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence at the University of York. Operating in both the UK and Ireland we are well placed to tackle projects from a variety of clients using our dynamic team led by the founders and supported by the research team and agile project manager. Addible’s core competencies include green solvents, sustainable formulations, bio-derived and bio-degradable materials, catalysis, waste valorisation and plastic recycling. Using our purpose-built laboratory, we are excited to tailor our services to provide fundamental research, process scale-up and intellectual property generation to fulfil sustainable targets and ultimately deliver value for stakeholders.



AECOM is the world’s trusted infrastructure consulting firm, partnering with clients to solve the world’s most complex challenges and build legacies for generations to come.


Aoife McNamara is a luxury sustainable fashion brand that creates unique garments inspired by nature, to protect nature. Founded in 2019, Aoife McNamara reimagines the future of sustainable design by reconnecting the fashion industry to the natural world. The brand values creativity and beauty, people and planet, quality over quantity. It aims to create beauty not destroy it.

Atlantic Biocycle

A new start-up from Cork who are converting fish waste into fertiliser for farms. Waste nutrient recovery to increase food security, soil health, river quality, organic farm support and sustainability.

bantry marine

Bantry Marine Research Station

Bantry Marine Research Station Ltd (BMRS) is a privately-owned marine biotechnology company focused on delivery of marine bio-based products and processes. BMRS was incorporated in 2016 following a restructuring of Daithi O’Murchu Marine Research Station Ltd, prior to that it was operated by University College Cork’s Aquaculture and Fisheries Development Centre. The main research efforts are in macroalgal cultivation, the extraction and quantification of bioactive compounds, research to improve products and services such as forecasting, aquaculture site selection and we conduct fish disease challenge trials. They also have finfish (lumpfish) and shellfish (sea-urchin) hatcheries and on-grow both sea urchins and macroalgae at sea.



BioAtlantis is an Irish biotechnology company focused on the development of technologies to enhance crop, animal and human health. The company is a leading innovator in the Irish and European bioeconomy and delivers environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions to its customers in over 30 countries worldwide. BioAtlantis utilizes seaweed as a renewable and sustainable raw material.



BladeBridge repurposes decommissioned wind turbine blades into sustainable infrastructure, decoupling the production of renewable energy from the generation of waste.

Bord Iascaigh Mhaira (BIM)

Bord Iascaigh Mhara helps to develop the Irish Seafood Industry by providing technical expertise, business support, funding, training and promoting responsible environmental practice.

brandon bioscience

Brandon Bioscience

Brandon Bioscience is a marine biotechnology company that specialises in the production of precision biostimulants. We are driven by science, inspired by nature, and committed to improving crop yields and quality while respecting the environment. With 25 years of experience, we are the trusted experts in plant biostimulants and pioneers in sustainable agriculture. Founded in 1998 in County Kerry, Ireland, we have grown to export our precision biostimulants to over 44 countries worldwide.

cara credit union

Cara Credit Union

Cara Credit Union is the largest community-based credit union in Munster, the south west of Ireland.

Contact person Suzanne Ennis, ESG Officer

Carbery Group

Carbery Food Ingredients is recognised as a leading international manufacturer of specialty food ingredients, flavouring systems and as an award-winning cheese producer. Carbery’s Headquarters are based in Ballineen, West Cork and owned by four Irish Dairy Co-operatives compromising of 1,200 dairy farmers. Carbery use milk produced from pasture-fed cows, providing customers with a natural source of dairy products. There are almost 1000 people employed, across 10 manufacture facilities worldwide, including Ireland, UK, Italy, USA, Brazil, and Thailand. With a heritage stretching back over fifty years, Carbery is at the forefront of innovation in the food ingredients area. We’re passionate about supporting our local communities and being progressive, innovative and sustainable in everything we do.


Celignis Biomass Lab

We are a dedicated biomass laboratory whose team of experts provide you with the most precise data, allowing you to make the best use of your biomass feedstocks and optimise your biomass conversion process.

circular food co

Circular Food Company

Circular Food Co is an impact driven Irish food business specialising in upcycling plant-based food. By turning excess food or by-products back into high-quality functional ingredients Circular Food Co is the perfect innovation partner to the food industry. The company helps food manufacturers and brands reach their sustainability goals by using functional upcycled ingredients. Founded in 2020, the promoters have 1 key objective – reducing food waste!

connect green

Connect Green

ConnectGreen is the carbon marketplace that connects business and landowners in the battle against climate change.

Cremins Compost

Composting service in West Limerick.

Cromane Bay Shellfish

Oyster Fisherman consistently growing the best Oysters in the world, while using farming methods in keeping with bio diversity and respect for the Ocean.


CyberColloids Ltd is an independent, business driven, research and product development group specialising in hydrocolloids, fibres and texture ingredients and focusing on food, nutrition and industrial applications. CyberColloids was set up to provide outsourcing of every aspect of the hydrocolloids world from strategic business studies, marketing reports, basic research, product and process development, scale up, plant design, commissioning, troubleshooting & factory support, applications development through to the preparation of sales stories and brochures.

Dillon Waste

Dillon Waste is a family run waste management company based at The Kerries, Tralee, Co. Kerry. We provide a range of waste management solutions including kerbside collections, hire of skips and drains and septic tank cleaning.

Dingle Oceanworld & Flag South-West

Oceanworld Aquarium is located along the marina in Dingle, Country Kerry and is Ireland’s largest aquarium. We host a range of species native to Irish waters and ocean’s around the globe, including sand tiger sharks, gentoo and Humboldt penguins, Asian short-claw otters, and an array of fish species. Our digital exhibit ‘Into the Deep’ is Ireland’s first marine immersive experience, a six-minute animation following the journey of a humpback whale encountering the enchanting depths of the Atlantic, just off the coast of Kerry.

Donegal Yarns

Based in Kilcar, Co Donegal the company operates a vertical production process from raw wool (graded and cleaned), through dying, blending, carding and spinning producing the famous “Donegal Tweed” multi-colour flecked yarn. Donegal Yarns place a strong emphasis for the future of textiles to focus on establishing and tracking a more sustainable supply chain building strong long-lasting partnerships with both suppliers, manufacturers and the consumer and values the importance of these partnerships to strengthen the industry and revive textile design and manufacturing in Ireland.



Easydry, a certified B Corporation, is the global, pioneer of the eco-friendly disposable towel. Used by the most forward-thinking hair salons and beauty companies in the world. Even better, using Easydry biodegradable towels is 25% more economical than laundering cotton towels. Easydry is proud to be celebrating almost 20 years of continuous innovation.


Eco Fusion

Eco Fusion uses its ‘first-in-world’ technology to formulate premium grade, eco-conscious and irritant-free, ultra-low carbon products for the construction/DIY sector as well as the specification market. Our proprietary technology was conceived to provide the dry mortar industry sustainable, reliable products that will help de-carbonise projects and reduce CO2 emissions in line with strict EU climate targets. We are the first dry mortar plant in the world to do so.


Ethica Planet

Sustainable bio-based Irish packaging.



Recognised as one of the world’s original and most established fintech players, Fexco employs 2,600 people across its suite of companies headquartered in Killorglin, Co. Kerry located in the South West of Ireland. Founded in 1981, Fexco now has operations in 29 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, North America, and Latin America.

Fexco has, and continues to play, a pivotal role in creating the future trajectory for Payments, Business Services, and New Ventures. Over the last decade, Fexco has been focused on exploring opportunities in digital transition and the green economy. This has resulted in ESG technologies and platforms, co-created in partnership with domain experts.

Foodshare Kerry

Foodshare Kerry provides an invaluable link between producers of surplus food and charities that specialise in combating food poverty. We act as a foodbank and supply depot where the produce we collect is stored, sorted, graded and distributed to front line agencies such as the St Vincent de Paul.

forest produce

Forest Produce Limited

One of Europe’s leading growers and suppliers of fresh and decorated cut foliage to the flower industry. Forest produce is an Irish based business which was founded 30 years ago and we supply to the European and UK flower packers and bouquet makers with vibrant, fresh foliage.

We grow, harvest and decorate greenery in large volumes, our primary aim has always been to provide our customers with a consistent and reliable supply of quality, beautiful, environmentally certified and graded foliage to fill and provide different textures to flower bouquets.

gas networks ireland

Gas Networks Ireland

Gas Networks Ireland operates and maintains Ireland’s €2.8bn, 14,725km national gas network, which is considered one of the safest and most modern renewables-ready gas networks in the world.  Over 720,000 homes and businesses trust Ireland’s gas network to provide efficient and reliable energy to meet their heating, cooking, manufacturing and transport needs. By working to replace natural gas with renewable gases, such as biomethane and green hydrogen, and complementing intermittent renewable electricity, Gas Networks Ireland is supporting Ireland’s journey to a cleaner energy future.


Glanua Group

At Glanua, our mission is to make a positive impact on the planet. We take pride in our customer-focused approach, offering turn-key projects in water and wastewater for the municipal and industrial sectors. Our services encompass design, build, operation, and maintenance, supported by our state-of-the-art offsite manufacturing and innovation facility in Navan, Ireland. This facility enables us to excel in Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) and machine-building for innovative water and wastewater treatment solutions. Our head office is based in Loughrea, Co Galway, Ireland, and we have offices in the UK. Over the years, we have successfully delivered numerous projects across Ireland, the UK, Central Europe, and the USA for our clients in the municipal and industrial sectors.

Grounded Pottery

At Grounded Pottery we create ceramicware From The Earth, that has a sustainable and wellness approach. In line with our brand ethos, we are aiming towards zero waste, and therefore we use low impact eco packaging.



HaPPE Earth provides compostable personal protective equipment to aid the healthcare industry in reducing the amount of single-use plastics. Our aim is to provide healthcare with an end-to-end solution for the overall management of single use plastic waste streams and simplified sustainability reporting.

Irish Co-operative Society (ICOS)

ICOS core business is to provide vision, leadership and value to the co-operative movement in Ireland. ICOS member co-operatives and their associated companies collectively have over 150,000 individual members, employ >12,000 people in Ireland (a further 24,000 abroad) and have a combined turnover of almost €15 billion. ICOS have established a co-operative framework for members to share information and best practice on sustainability and bioeconomy.


DGP Intelsius

We design and manufacture intelligent sample transport and temperature-controlled packaging that is environmentally sustainable and regulatory compliant.



iSupply operates from its print hub in Galway servicing all of Ireland and employs over 30 people with expertise in providing print, outdoor signage, event branding, web, promotional products and graphic design services. We are focused on our customers and we strive to provide exceptional service, quality and price that is second to none.


John Sisk & Son

Ireland’s leading builder and contractor, delivering projects in Ireland, the UK and Europe. Family owned, we played a key role in the development of modern Ireland and continue to lead some of the most iconic building projects and deliver homes and major road and rail infrastructure projects.

keohanes of bantry

Keohane Seafoods

Keohane Seafoods was founded in 2011 by Mike Keohane and his sons, Colman and Brian, together they have over 60 years’ experience in the seafood industry. Keohane Seafoods began with one customer, two products and 8 employees. Mike using his passion and experience spotted a gap in the market for a new skin film packaging which prolonged shelf life and was also an improvement on the product aesthetics. Consequently, Keohane Seafoods grew exponentially and outgrew the Cork processing plant (it is still operational today). A new state of the art processing facility was opened in Keohane’s hometown of Bantry in 2015. Keohane’s are committed to sustainable practices and have recently achieved Gold Member status in the Irish Food Board regulated.

keohane athletic club

Keohane Athletic Club

Where history, sport & design collide. Bringing meaning to sportswear through print. Designed in Ireland.


Kerry Group

Kerry Group is an international leader in taste & nutrition innovation. Our scientists create ingredients for products people enjoy & feel better consuming.

Kerry Lamb & Wool Co-op

Kerry Lamb & Wool Co-Op offer an extensive range of veterinary products, wire, fencing posts, fertilizers and feeds while the export of wool is the cornerstone of their business.



Kingspan is the global leader in advanced insulation and building envelope solutions. Our mission is to accelerate a net zero emissions future with the wellbeing of people and planet at its heart.

MWP Engineering

A multidisciplinary team of over 100 engineering consultants and scientists dedicated to delivering best-fit solutions and projects in Ireland and abroad. MWP’s environmental and engineering teams work closely during project design to ensure the optimum design solution with the least environmental effect. The team includes experienced EIA Project Managers and EIA practitioners and cover the following environmental factors in-house; biodiversity, ornithology, water, land, soils, air, climate, noise, traffic and material assets. At MWP, we complete EIA Scoping Reports, EIA Screening Reports and Preliminary Examinations for EIA Screening, and well as EIAR.


“MyGug” is a new Micro Scale Anaerobic Digester. A complete food waste solution that gives you abundant renewable energy for your cooking and growing. MyGug is a Food Waste treatment system that fully integrates into a household/small food business setting. It will operate in all weathers and climates from -20 deg C to +40 deg C . It will provide a clean fossil fuel free solution to disposing of food waste and turns that waste into free energy for your use.



Native’s mission is to be the gold standard of sustainable holidays. We go beyond token commitments of planting a tree and using vague ‘eco’ terminology, to a business model designed to regenerate the environment. The planet is at the core of all our decisions from the construction methods and materials of our very own cabins, our operations, to what we do with our profits, pledging 20% to our rewilding programme.

netties flowers

Netties Flowers

Nettie’s Flowers supply 100% Irish grown, seasonal fresh and dried flowers, helping you find the perfect gift for your loved one.


Our vision is to be the leading company in Ireland for EU funding opportunities. NuaFund assist Irish businesses in understanding what EU financial supports are out there and what kind of funding they can benefit from. Services include Proposal Writing, Project Admin Support, Training, Scoping, Online Consultation and Online EU Information Webinars.



Nutramara was founded in 2017 by a team of marine entrepreneurs, phycologists, biochemists and cellular biologists with a shared passion for the ocean and sustainability with the goal of developing a technology platform for the release and manufacture these functional marine molecules from scale.

Philip Corrigan Ltd

Independent sustainability consultant.

positive carbon

Positive Carbon

Positive Carbon provides an innovative solution for businesses to track, manage, and reduce food waste. Positive Carbon works with businesses in the food sector to enable them to eliminate their food waste. A passionate team with over 50 years of combined experience in eliminating food waste across Ireland, the UK, Australia & South America.

PST Sport

PST Sport is a Design & Build specialist contractor focusing exclusively on the design and construction of world-class artificial grass pitches. With in-house excellence in civil engineering, we have a proven track record in all areas of artificial grass pitch construction. Our expertise spans subbase construction, playing surfaces, and supporting infrastructure (fencing, lighting & access) for Football, GAA, Rugby, Hockey, and Tennis. Our extensive portfolio includes over 500 artificial grass pitches with multiple fields tested and approved to FIFA, World Rugby, GAA and FIH in Ireland and the UK. Our comprehensive range of services includes design, subbase construction, fencing/netting, lighting, and maintenance.

pure ocean algae

Pure Ocean Algae

Pure Ocean Algae is a Macro Algae based Biotechnology Company, based on the ruggedly beautiful, unspoilt Beara Peninsula, West Cork, Ireland. We create vertically integrated value chains from macro-algae and other marine resources. Pure Ocean Algae has the ultimate green credentials, based on a raw material that is 100% environmentally sustainable and ultimately carbon negative.

real leaf farm

Real Leaf Farms

Real Leaf Farm is an agri-tech company developing sustainable hydroponic farms in Ireland with the first farm in Ballycon, near Mount Lucas, Daingean. Its mission is to grow fresh, pesticide-free nutritious leafy greens, 365 days a year, for the local food market using sustainable farming methods that have low environmental impact.


SAMCO was initially established to design and manufacture the SAMCO 3 in 1 machine which sows seed, sprays the soil with pre-emergence herbicide, and lays a thin layer of degradable film over the seed bed. This operation protects the young plants from late frost, increases the soil temperature and thereby maximises crop yield per hectare and quality per Ha. Many crops are grown using the SAMCO System, such as Maize / Corn, Maize Grain, Sunflowers, Sorghum, Soya, Beet, Rice and many types of vegetables. SAMCO offers advise through their well-educated and experienced agronomy staff, on the most suitable types of degradable mulch film to be used for each crop, leading to higher and better-quality maize yield per acre for our growers. SAMCO design and manufacture the degradable mulch film for their machines and conduct many trials each year, increasing the wealth of knowledge acquired through experience to date, to support the business of helping farmers achieve high yields.
Started in 1997, a family run business, employing over 50 staff. Manufacturing facility 35,000 sq foot, exporting to 25 countries with an annual turnover € 12 million euro.

simply blue

Simply Blue

Simply Blue Group works with the ocean to deliver blue growth strategies globally and to fight climate change. We are part of a global movement focused on replacing fossil fuels with clean energy and developing pioneering blue economy projects – offshore wind, sustainable fuels, marine energy, carbon dioxide removal and low-impact aquaculture – all in harmony with the oceans. Simply Blue Group is committed to creating new economic opportunities for coastal communities, and developing projects that co-exist with sustainable fisheries and marine conservation.

skyscraper group

Skyscraper Group

Since 2016, we make and manufacture sustainable products for businesses, colleges, schools, festivals and more. Our goal is to make it easy for businesses to transition into becoming a more sustainable company. To make that goal happen we have selected and developed a range of products that are 100% sustainable and budget-friendly.



SomaTech have developed a fermentation system which produces a secure supply of high-value functional ingredients from plant-based feedstocks. They are helping food companies be circular and sustainable while creating a new generation of tailor-made ingredients.

Southern Waste Region Planning Office

The Southern Region Waste Planning office supports the activation of the circular economy across the region through the implementation of actions of the national waste management plan for a circular economy.

southern scientific services

Southern Scientific Services

An Irish owned and operated environmental consultancy and testing facility. We are passionate about applying science to deliver integrated scientific and environmental services and solutions to society. Our company is home to highly qualified and experienced scientists who deliver a range of analytical and specialist consulting services to our clients in the agricultural, environmental, food, and pharmaceutical sectors. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and the confidence you can place in our results. Our planning and environmental consultancy services ensure our clients that their operations are developed and operated in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner and in compliance with their regulatory requirements.

strong roots

Strong Roots

At Strong Roots our completely vegan, plant based frozen food offering provides convenient and healthy meals for home cooking. Their products are sold in over 8,000 stores worldwide including major retailers in Ireland, Britain, and the US, as well as Singapore, Iceland, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Qatar. Strong Roots are Bcorp certified since 2021



Tecoled Limited are specialists in Commercial and Industrial LED Energy efficient lighting. We have a particular focus on LED lighting for Food production and storage facilities. We can provide energy surveys showing the payback on investment for changing over to our LED lighting.

killarney park hotel and ross hotel

The Killarney Park & The Ross Hotel

The Killarney Park is an independent, family-owned five-star hotel, devoted to our guests, to environmental sustainability, and to the local community. Their sister hotel, The Ross, is a design-led, luxury boutique hotel in the heart of the Killarney town centre. The Killarney Park & The Ross set up the Killarney Coffee Cup Project, a grassroots community project set up this year to promote a transition to a circular economy by becoming the first town in Ireland to phase out single-use coffee cups. &


Urban Volt

Urban Volt are a clean energy partner that specialise in sustainable light and power. UrbanVolt upgrades industrial facilities with LED lighting and installs solar arrays on commercial rooftops with zero upfront cost using an innovative ‘as a service’ model. UrbanVolt helps clients reduce their reliance on fossil fuel energy and insulate themselves from the volatility of energy costs.


Verifact helps clients de-risk supply chains, improve food safety, product safety and verify sustainability claims. Verifact was established in 2009 by Frank Fleming to deliver services to the seafood industry. Verifact has projects underway in the food, agriculture, forestry and circular economy sectors. Through the use of traditional and blockchain technology we are committed to equipping businesses with transparent, reliable information that will assist them on their product safety and sustainability journey.



WAZP is an end-to-end supply chain solution for products and parts produced using the capabilities of 3D Printing with a growing global network of production facilities and partnerships with the leading technology, materials and service providers in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America.

wool in school


Wool2Ewe is a comprehensive wool education programme designed to generate awareness among children about the benefits of wool and local sustainable fibres.

z biotech

Z Biotech

New start-up from Cork developing bioactives from plants.

Contact: Zuhri Ajibola

Higher Education & Research Centre Affiliations

Circular Bioeconomy Cluster was launched by the CircBio Research Group based at Munster Technological University.

The Circular Bioeconomy Cluster programmes and projects such as The Wool Hub, CircBioCityWaste and BioDirect are affiliated with the following Technology Gateways, Universities and Educational Bodies.