Marine Bioeconomy: Free Ideation to Market Coaching Service

FANBEST is an Interreg project designed to support and scale SMEs in the marine sector across the Atlantic regions including Portugal, France, Spain, UK and Ireland.

There is currently an open call for SMEs to avail of unique coaching services to enable business growth. The services will be provided to at least 7 innovation projects spanning coastal tourism, aquaculture, marine biotechnology and ocean energy.

Qualifying SMEs will have access to services focussed on HR, IP, Finance, Marketing, Scaling up (to name a few) in both 1 to 1 and group settings. As part of the coaching, tools and services will be provided for future financial planning ranging from venture, business angels, participatory loans to crowdfunding.

Post training, SME’s with “made in Atlantic regions” technologies and innovations will be ready to enter the market as successful business projects.

Interested? Apply here via the Fanbest website.

Questions? Get in contact with Amita Guneratnam, FanBest, Research Project Manager from CircBio Research Group at Munster Technological University.