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The Circular Bioeconomy Cluster South West was presented at the consortium meeting in Seville Jan 25th&26th as an exemplar of collaboration between research & innovation, academia, industry and the benefits of cluster services in the advancement of the bioeconomy in Ireland. Munster Technological University are a lead partner in the European project which aims to create a closely linked network of biobased education centres. will establish multi-level Bio-Based Education Centres (BBECs) to act as knowledge hubs bridging the gaps between academic institutions, students, innovation entities and policy makers. Likewise, the BBECs will be flexible enough to answer the actual and future needs of the industry and surrounding ecosystem at local, regional and national levels

  • Align the needs for skills and their availability through consistent interactions between the bio-based industry and educational institutions at local, regional, national and European levels.
  • Prevent skills gaps in the bio-based industry.
  • Maintain industrial activities and boost jobs and income for local communities.
  • Generate education and learning opportunities for community members and increase their employability.
  • Provide early insight into career opportunities for graduates at vocational and university levels.
  • Offer opportunities to educate a wide range of stakeholders on bio-based activities and sustainability.

The Circular Bioeconomy Cluster South West is dedicated to supporting the growth of a sustainable pipeline of skills and talent enabling those operating in the circular economy and bioeconomy to access the human capital required to reach a zero-carbon society. We provide industry placements, graduate programme opportunities and bespoke training for employees in the workplace.

6 pilot biobased education centres